Tips You Didn’t Know Before Buying a Large Wine Chiller for Your Restaurant

Storing wine for your restaurant can be tricky, but a specialized wine fridge makes the process easier. First, you’ll need to decide if you are going for Single-zone cooling or a wine-cooler dual zone. While Single-zone cooling is cheaper, it is better to go for the dual-zone wine cooler so you can chill both red and white wine simultaneously.

In this article, you will learn some tips you didn’t know before about buying a large wine chiller for your restaurant.

Why Is a Wine Chiller Different from a Standard Refrigerator?

Why should you get a wine chiller when there are regular refrigerators? Standard refrigerators will most likely harm your wine during storage. On the other hand, a wine chiller will protect your wine and allow them to age at the appropriate time. Below are some reasons you should not use a standard refrigerator for your wine storage.

1. Temperature

Foods and beer beverages are speedily brought below 41 degrees Fahrenheit by a regular refrigerator. However, wine chillers are gentler when cooling your bottles. Wine chillers also hold slightly higher temperatures, sometimes as high as sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Humidity

The design of wine chillers allows them to maintain proper humidity. This helps the wine corks not dry out and prevents the bottle from damaging. On the other hand, standard refrigerators use dry air, but wine chillers keep the air humid. For more tips on choosing your wine chiller, visit our wine cooler shop.

Tips For Choosing the Best Large Wine Chiller for Your Restaurant

Are you looking for a new large wine chiller for your restaurant? Below are some tips for you to consider before choosing your wine chiller:

1. Moderate Cooling Temperatures Are Key

Your wine will age faster if you store them anywhere with a temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This would cause your wine to lose both its aroma and taste. On the flip side, if your wine is too cold, it will freeze and cause the liquid inside to form ice particles. So, whatever wine chiller you choose should be able to keep an optimum temperature which is between 45- and 65-degrees Fahrenheit. Here is a guide on some of the best wine coolers in 2022.

2. Moderate Levels of Humidity

If you have been storing wine for some time, you know how important it is to maintain humidity for your wine bottles. Dry air will dry out the wine cork of your bottle, which will cause air to sneak out, invariably spoiling your wine. If you plan on storing wine for ten years or more, your wine chiller needs to maintain a humidity level of 70%.

The best humidity range is between 50 to 80%. These humidity levels are achievable in most climates if you place a pan of water in the storage area. It will help keep the humidity level moderate, so mold doesn’t begin to form. Here are some things you should know before investing in a wine cooler.

Final Thoughts

Aging wine is the most expensive wine and is commonly sought-after by society’s elite. It’s not surprising that you are searching for information and ways to store your wine, so you can sell it at the best price when they age well. This article has highlighted the need for suitable humidity and temperature levels for your wine bottles.

Author: Cllara